Questions and Answers

What should I wear? Are you more comfortable wearing jeans? Many of us are too. Like to dress up in your Sunday best? Many of us do too. We don’t have a uniform or a dress code, so feel free to be comfortable and express your personal style.

When should I come? Sunday mornings we have Sunday School at 9:30 AM followed by our Morning Worship Service at 10:30 AM. On Sunday evenings we have Men’s and Women’s Small Group Bible Studies at 6 PM, except for the first Sunday of the month when we have our Family First Sundae Night at 6 PM, which is a special interactive and kid friendly worship experience for the whole church family followed by ice cream sundaes. Wednesday evenings we have Adult Bible Study, Youth Group and Children’s Activities at 7 PM. Check our calendar for other special events and regular opportunities for fellowship and Bible study. Running late? Come anyway, chances are you won’t be the only one. 

What if my kids get a little rowdy? Every family member is welcome and valued at Eldon First Assembly. We believe that church should be fun and accessible for kids too, that’s why we have special children’s church services on Sunday mornings with engaging, interactive and age appropriate lessons. Your kids won’t be expected to sit still and be quiet the whole time, instead they will be busy singing songs, learning a lesson, playing games, praying, doing activities or crafts and eating a snack with friends. We have nursery/preschool and elementary classes taught by caring, background checked volunteers. Our Family First Sundae Nights are also designed to be more interactive and kid friendly,

What if I’ve made some mistakes? The Bible says we all have made mistakes and God still wants to have a relationship with us anyway. Here you will find a bunch of other imperfect people relying on the grace of God to help us when we fall short. We encourage one another to learn from the Word of God and apply it to our daily lives. You don’t have to look like us, act like us or even believe like us before you come. You will discover that we don’t all look, act and believe identically in every way either. That’s not to say that we don’t have any positions on matters of faith that you will discover if you do life with us for a while, only that you are welcome as you are, regardless of whether or not you agree with us all the time or even know what you personally believe. This is a safe place to bring your questions or your doubt. We don’t shy away from hard questions or deep discussions. That being said, if you are curious about our doctrine, please check out the values we share as an Assemblies of God Church by visiting the following web pages: and


Our Core Doctrines

Statement of Fundamental Truths